What are the best one-minute life hacks that work?


One minute is a short time. But not for cool people. Here’s a list of the best one-minute life-hacks I’ve chosen from various websites and my own experience!

1. Talk to yourself when you get into trouble

Bassam Atheeque said that one of the best one-minute life hacks he learned from reading one of Dale Carnegie’s  books “How to Stop Worrying & Start Living”.

dale carnegie secrets of success
  • Want to answer teacher questions, but difficulties for initiative? Afraid of wrong?

Think about the worst. Of course, your teacher will not throw stones at you. No one will burn your house and kill your dog. The worst possibility is that you are laughed at in the classroom a few minutes, then all is gone.
Another possibility is that your answer is correct, and everyone applauds. Another possibility is that you can throw questions to your other friends
But now you feel in a position where no one person has the guts to do what you do. You are a hero!

  • A red mark in the exam answers?

The only possible worst is that the red mark will remain forever in the paper. But who cares?
It will not make you forever unemployed until the end of your life. In fact, almost everyone has done it. And they’re fine.

  • Wanna propose that damn pretty girl of your group you have been dreaming for centuries but scared of getting rejected?

Just say it.
He will not slap you in public or water you with warm coffee. It just happens to “reality show” on tv. The worst possibility is she will say ““I thought you as my friend” and she might feel dejected. But it will not be forever. Time heals and she will get normal again!

2. Temporal Focus

Pen tip from macro shoot
Pen tip from macro shoot | naghtigall via Pixabay

It’s not one-minute life hacks because if you do this more than 60 seconds, your head will strain. The first time, I think I’m the only one doing this. Apparently, there are others too. Before I started learning, I used to focus on seeing small things. Literally. Pencil tip, door knobs, nail tip, and so on.
The steps are very easy:
1. Take a pencil or pen.
2. Hold with your hands straight. Or like Rishabh Singh said, 30cm from your eyes.
3. See the tip of the pencil, down to the detail. Black dots.
4. And most important, do not think.

Not difficult, but also not easy. Do this every day to practice concentration.

3. One Two-Minute Rule

Running cheetah
Running cheetah| Photo by Cara Fuller on Unsplash

This is not a one-minute life hack, but it is really helpful. If you do not know if something should be done, estimate the time it takes to do it. If it takes more than 2 minutes, you may postpone it. But if it takes less than 2 minutes, quickly do before thinking about anything.
This works out at me, let me know how about you.

4. Schedule your procrastination

Procrastination is not bad if it is planned. Knowing when to work and when to laze is important. The absence of rewards to oneself can dampen morale. Even some great ideas can be found when the brain is relaxed. Try to plan your lazy time, buddy!

5. Do not think

Thinking about something that is not important is like turning on a computer for days but not in use. Stop thinking about something that is not important, such as which route to take, just walk! (Unless time is very, very urgent!). Some geniuses even wear the same clothes every day, having the same clothes in the closet.

6. Stop Wasting Your Hard-Earned Free Time

See this post about Stop Wasting Your Hard-Earned Free Time. But in short,

“It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it. Life is long enough, and a sufficiently generous amount has been given to us for the highest achievements if it were all well invested.” – On the Shortness of Life

Bonus: Another One-minute life hacks

Colored chair
Rotterdam’s Kunsthal Chair | Photo by Thomas Rusling on Flickr

I do this every day while studying in class. Sitting in front will be very helpful to always focus. If sitting in a circle, sit as close as possible to someone who has a higher position. People tend to feel uncomfortable to do “bad things” to people nearby.


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