How Do Top Student Study?

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Actually, I’m not eligible to write this, how to learn better and better is an essential question that may not all learners have asked. This question may be very simple but has the answer that is capable of turning an average person into an extraordinary one. I write this post as a personal reminder to me, and I really hope this post will help you to get better. before we start, you may want to know who I am, and why I am writing this post. I was a top student in class since I was in elementary school until I was in high school. Yes! It’s fun, soothing, and amazing. But this also makes me naïve. I forgot some important things in life: nothing last forever. And a post in Quora inspired me too! You may want to check this out: How do top student study? by Quora.

I forgot that I studied in a suburban school. I forgot that I live in a small town. I have forgotten that rising education means that all subjects become more difficult. When I get into college, I remain confident and able to do anything! I can do most of the exam stuff. Everything is OK. But inside me, it’s all empty. I realize many holes that I have not closed in the past. Many subjects are neglected because of the illusion of competence, enroll this free course to know more Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects by Coursera.

While in elementary school, nobody told me that trigonometry would be used in Fourier transforms for image processing, signal processing, and some incredibly advanced applications. Therefore I want to repent of the mistakes of the past.

And hey! Who are you? I want to hear a story about you, please leave a comment at the end of this page and help me to improve this post.

I do not want you to spend your time searching on Google how to learn the right things. I will help you to get the best answer. “How to study better?” is the most question asked by students. Some of these may be copied from my post about the best one-minute life hacks.
In return, I invite you to do the same. If there is anything on this list that is useless, let’s change it!

How can we compete with the top student in the classroom?

Sitting in the front

Amazing class by Capturing The Human Heart
Amazing class by Capturing The Human Heart

Maybe this is one of the tricks that still really help me to know better than my other friends. Sitting in the front row provides many advantages for students. The writing on the blackboard will be more legible and the words of the lecturer will be more clear. So, you will be more focused to understand the professor’s mind, instead of focusing to understand the professor’s words. In case you did not know, sitting in front is safer. People tend to be uncomfortable to blame on the people nearby. You will unlikely be appointed by the professor to do something you don’t like.

Effective note

Notetaking by The Climate Reality Project
Note taking by The Climate Reality Project

Never take notes if no time is given to take notes! Maybe it works for some people to take notes. When the teacher explains a subject, note the keywords he or she says. Web address, name, serial number, unfamiliar ridiculous latin sentence, and so on. When the class ends, search the keyword over the internet, textbooks, or ask friends and lecturers. Why? Writing requires high effort and is vulnerable to disruption. It’s better to copy notes from friends after class ends. 🙂

Start early

Ugh morning by Nathan Dumlao
Ugh morning by Nathan Dumlao

Learn the tomorrow morning subject today. This gives you a distinct advantage. You will be more confident to ask about subjects you do not understand. Lecturers tend to feel annoyed if you ask what you do not know, without trying to find out first. This forms the courage and confidence to ask or even discuss the later chapter. This is an important habit that is often forgotten by many people.

Do assignments

Do a homework via Pixabay
Do a homework via Pixabay

Procrastination is good but in very limited cases. Do not delay doing tasks. Delayed tasks will make you more anxious when the time is running out. Some of us may copy the work of friends (never do this, unless it is an emergency).

In my case last semester, there’s a daily assignment that will be collected next week. I tried to group it and work on it, on Wednesday and Saturday. But this does not work, some tasks are too difficult to work on. I have several times failed to figure out how difficult the task is. The trick that is now successful is to work immediately when the class ends, at home on the same day.

Study in group

Stand in group by Rawpixel Com

Whether you’re a top student or wanna be a top student, learn in groups. Surely it is important to choose a mutual learning partner. At least, do not choose a lazy friend. If you find a friend who is difficult to understand, choose the most eager to do it.

You can also invite your group to meet with lecturers personally to explain some of the things you and your friends do not know. The lecturer will feel happier if he knows that his students are very enthusiastic about the subject he taught.

Practice everyday

Practice in group by Joy Real
Practice in group by Joy Real

Practice makes perfect. That is the most famous quotation. One of the weaknesses of our brain is its ability to forget something we want to remember. 🙂 Any knowledge will be lost if it is not sharpened. Our memories will rust. Remember and repeat all the subjects you have learned.

And let me tell you something, if you take a course with 14 meetings a semester, held once a week and you read yourself a chapter every day, you can complete the course in 2 weeks. Yes, you are 13 weeks ahead!

Productive weekend

Weekend picnic by Ben Duchac
Weekend picnic by Ben Duchac

Most people will believe that work hard play hard is worth it. Noooooo … No way in the galaxy! How big is your goal, depending on how great you are using your free time. It’s okay to have a fun sometimes, but plan your weekend! The planned weekend will be far more effective than unplanned holidays altogether.

Most people spend their Saturday night watching television until late at night, then they fall asleep until tomorrow afternoon. When they wake up, they’ll say “Oh, it’s noon, tomorrow is Monday, I hate Monday”. While the person who planned the weekend will say “Today is the perfect day.”

Rest enough

Take a rest by Drew Coffman
Take a rest by Drew Coffman

Create a sleep schedule, do not sleep until late at night. It’s better to start early in the morning than to bother at night. You may won’t believe it until you read Study: Morning People Are Happier & Healthier Than Night Owls by Inc. I have tried several different times to start sleeping. I try to sleep late and wake up early to start reading a book. But the next day I woke up late. I feel tired after waking up. Looks like my body is trying to sleep at least 5 hours per day. I try to get a shorter time. But nothing works.

The only thing that managed to get me to read and learn effectively was to get enough rest. I sleep before midnight and wake up at 4 am for prayer. Then I do a short sleep for 45 minutes to 1 hour until 6 am. After that, I read the book until 7 am and then prayed again. After that, I just started my day job. I go through my days with fun. The key is getting enough sleep.

Final secret

Surprised by Ben White
Surprised by Ben White

Basically, you can do anything if you stop trying to do everything!I know that from this post: You can do anything, if you stop trying to do everything by Oliver Emberton. Did you think Bill Gates born genius? Maybe, but he was starting to code at very early age. Did Mark Zuckerberg learn Mandarin while developing his Facebook? No, he finished his Facebook, then Mandarin. Try to say NO to everything. The more direction you push yourself, you will never get to anywhere. Hard work is a disgusting waste of your life when it’s thrown at the wrong thing.

How ideas popping by Poorly Drawn Lines
How ideas popping by Poorly Drawn Lines

That’s All

Thanks for stopping by. That’s all sort of thing I do every day to become a top student.  I hope the above tips can help you to become a top student. Do not worry, you do not have to suddenly do all that. Start gradually. If you have any tips you want to share with me, feel free to leave a comment. I’ll put yours on an awesome list!

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